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About Swords, Dublin

Swords is the county town of Fingal in County Dublin, Ireland. It is variously defined as an expansive satellite town within commuting distance of Dublin city, as a large suburb of the capital and as an emerging city in its own right. It is about 13 km north of Dublin city centre. The name "Swords" may also be applied to the townland, to the civil parish or to the local electoral area. At the 2011, census the total urban population of greater Swords was 42,738 but when local electoral area definitions are taken into account, the population is 68,583. It lies in Dublin's K67 postal code routing area, commonly known as eircode in Ireland. Its proximity to Dublin Airport has made it one of the most significant hubs in the capital - even though it doesn't have its own rail service. However, Dublin's planned metro north will link with Swords.Fingal County Council's Strategic Vision for Swords is to create a sustainable new city. They have referred to Swords as an "emerging city" and project that the population of Swords will rise towards 100,000 by the year 2035. The town is the seventh largest urban area in the country, and the second largest in County Dublin.

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Swords, Dublin

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